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Tokyo Awaits You

Anatamo means " You too ". 
Our company named after the wish to be connected with you and me together.
In Japan foreign residents are about 2.6 millions and foreign travelers are about 30 millions.
Japan is a very unique and attractive country in many ways but there are so many challenges once
people settle into here due to the culture difference and  language barriers.
We'd love to support people who will move to Japan or travel
and become to love Japan more!
Let's have a fantastic time together here in Japan!
We'd like to be connected, 
You/ Anatamo 
Me/ Watashimo.


Foreign Help Desk Tokyo 
When you and your family have decided to move into Japan, lots of things need to be handled, 
moving, visa, housing and so on.
Don't worry, we will take care of them for you.
We are your point of contact and will deal upon your needs.
 House goods moving and shipping
 Pre-move consultation to delivery & unpacking
★Visa / Immigration
Visa support to obtain Japanese working visa
Renew Visa / Accompany immigration
★House Finding
We help finding your place upon your request.
Temporary Housing / Furnished apartment
Apartment or House
★ Settlement (After you get into Japan)
Assistance with Local registration / mobile phone purchasing / bank account opening
School finding / enrollment
Information about your neighborhood, utilities, hospitals, nanny, shops and furniture
Any support on purchase and order things
★ Daily needs
Shopping / at restaurant if you need an assistance with local staff
Appointments and booking if you need  any support to book place such as restaurant, hotel, hospital and hair salon, etc.
Accompanying    *We will accompany bank, ward office and any case translation is necessary.

About Us

We Anatamo Inc. fulfill needs for expats/ foreign students/ travelers who is going to move into Japan in every support needed.
Our value is
”Omotenashi- Japanese Hospitality”
We will support on necessary visa/ housing/ any settlements in Japan and will connect you with people, services and resources respectfully
to get to like living here.
We cherish the heart of ”Omotenashi- Japanese Hospitality” with our services and hope you will love Japan MORE!
Company Profile
Company name:Anatamo Inc.
Established :August 8th, 2018
Capital stock:1,000,000 JYen
Business:Any supports for foreign expats/ students/ travelers and consulting
     Travel mediation business, reservations and provision of information
     Advertisement, photography and any promotions

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